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AlexKlm C++ Editor C++ Editor

AlexKlm C++ EditorThe C++ Editor is a text editor for C++ programmers with color syntax highlighting. Editor's main purpose is to edit source code outside the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with multiple opened copies of program, when programmer needs to find, replace or compare source code. Most effectively the editor can be used with a file search utility like SearchEdit. The C++ Editor is time limited program with 30 days trial period and full functionality.




AlexKlm SearchEdit SearchEdit

The SearchEdit is utility for searching and replacing an expressions in files of catalog tree. The expressions can be represented as string of characters, series of bytes or escape sequences. Another purpose - to remove temporary files on the disk. The program have integration with Windows shell. Because SearchEdit supports C++, HTML, PHP, Pelr and Visual Basic programming languages syntax it can be useful as assistant for IDEs which are without "Find in files" command or performs such a command badly.

AlexKlm EasyDEAlexKlm EasyDE EasyDE

Simple and universal Development Environment (IDE), which target platform depends on command line tools used. The program allows to use almost all possible command line tools. Experienced programmer will be able to gain access to that possibilities of instruments, which often inaccessible for standard IDEs oriented on concrete command line tools. This program is a beautiful firing range for checking any command line tool. Program contains of editor with the colour syntax highlighting (for C++, Assembler, Pascal languages), project manager, internal C++ preprocessor, manager of instruments. Program has no debugger, command-line tools. You must use tools from other companies. Many vendors allow to use gratis their instruments in not commercial purposes. For instance, it's possible to find in Internet the instruments and libraries of such companies as Borland (Inprise), Digital Mars, Intel and Microsoft.

October 27, 2007 - AlexKlm-Software