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What's the reason to produce these two programms while a lot of different programmers editors and search utilities are already exists?

The programmer rarely uses only one IDE (Integrated Development Environment), one programming language. In any cases the programmer frequently needs to find something or replace in files. Each editor or IDE have its own (often non-standard) commands to perform such a job usually named "Find in files" and some of them haven't such feature. To performing this procedure independently of IDE used, three our programs was designed.

Example of use

At first we are opening the IDE (no matter the name of it). Then we are opening the Search&Edit (or IDE Helper) and paste an expression to it. The Search&Edit searches an expression through all project. Clicking to files found SearchEdit executes current editor (it's not obligate to be C++ Editor) with command line to open the file and show the expression. What is advantage? We not need to change anything in IDE - the current file is still at front. Second advantage we are noted before - independence of kind of IDE. Let we suppose we need to search for one more expression. No problem, we can open second instance of Search&Edit and do the same.


C++ Editor




This program can be useful as assistant for IDEs which are without "Find in files" command or performs such a command badly.

Easy Development Environment

Simple and universal Development Environment (IDE), which target platform depends on command line tools used. The program allows to use almost all possible command line tools. Experienced programmer will be able to gain access to that possibilities of instruments, which often inaccessible for standard IDEs oriented on concrete command line tools. This program is a beautiful firing range for checking any command line tool. Program contains of editor with the colour syntax highlighting (for C++, Assembler, Pascal languages), project manager, internal C++ preprocessor, manager of instruments. Program has no debugger, command-line tools. You must use tools from other companies. Many vendors allow to use gratis their instruments in not commercial purposes. For instance, it's possible to find in Internet the instruments and libraries of such companies as Borland (Inprise), Digital Mars, Intel and Microsoft.
How to set up this?
You can choose form menu Options/System and select System options you prefer. To do something useful you need to download any compiling tools, or you can use command-line tools already installed. To create Windows executable's the simplest way is to download C++BUILDER COMMAND LINE TOOLS. The GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) from MinGW is not supported by EasyDE because of it's tricky configuration. The Borland command-line tools not contains the assembler, to find appropriate assembler you can refer to MASM32 or WEBster internet pages.
To get all list of compilers, please visit Google WEB page List of free and commercial compilers for 32-bit Windows applications on the . Another link is Free C/C++ Compilers and Interpreters on . After you acquire a tools please refer to Tools directory and change tool's paths in .tdf files for appropriate tools. Already made and tested tools list includes such from Microsoft and Borland (Inprise) and others.

Tested: By this IDE was successfully built the GCC C++ compiler v3.44 (few MB of sources) and all other tools used in process to build them. How it looks you can see from project and tools files (.zip'ed).


October 26, 2007 - AlexKlm-Software